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Field Report: October 2021

Monthly Totals: The Kauai team logged 229 seal sightings this month. This included 29 individually identified seals.

  • October: 229
  • September: 251
  • August: 213
  • July: 286
  • June: 218
  • May: 209
  • April: 155
  • March: 137
  • February: 119
  • January: 125
  • December: 119
  • November: 133
  • October: 152


·       Flipper-tagged KP3 (3rd pup of the year) as RP28 and vaccinated for morbillivirus.

·       Morbillivirus Vaccination: RP28 received her initial vaccine this month.

·       Molting: 4 seals molted this month

Research/Support of PIFSC:

·       Sub-sampled scat, molt, and tissue plug samples accordingly.

·       Logged all seal sightings for PIFSC database. Organized photos and reported sightings, molt tallies, survival factors to send to PIFSC.

News from Ke Kai Ola:

Unfortunately, the adult male monk seal known as RW22 died after more than five weeks in care at the Monk Seal Hospital in Kona, Hawaii Island. RW22 was flown from Oahu to Hawaii Island for treatment of a parasitic disease known as toxoplasmosis. RW22 was also suffering from malnutrition, the effects of ingested fishing gear.

Toxoplasmosis is the number one disease threat to Hawaiian monk seals.

In a press release issued by The Marine Mammal Center, Angela Amlin, Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Coordinator at NOAA Fisheries, said. “With no vaccine available for toxoplasmosis, preventative measures must be taken by the general public. This disease is spread into the environment exclusively via cat feces. To help protect endangered Hawaiian monk seals like RW22 from toxoplasmosis, simply dispose of cat litter in the trash, keep your cats safe indoors and tell your community about how they too can prevent this disease from harming more marine mammals.”

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