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Monk Seal Monday #183: Meet R616


Meet the juvenile, male Hawaiian monk seal known, scientifically, as R616. This is his first appearance on these pages—and it’s for an unusual injury. As these photos illustrate, R616 ran into trouble somewhere. It’s hard to say what happened. His wound doesn’t present as a typical shark, entanglement or, even, propeller wound. Perhaps it was something he encountered underwater. Whatever it was, it was likely pretty sharp. After examination, it was decided to let the saltwater continue to flush the wound and monitor R616’s healing, providing treatment, if necessary. Already, there’s evidence of healing going on. Here’s where volunteers and the public can help: If you come across R616 at the beach, use binoculars to check on his healing and report his location by calling 888-256-9840. If you have a telephoto lens and can take photos without disturbing him, please send those photos to kauaiseals@gmail.com.

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